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Everyone that voted for me,

I feel like you have a right to know what I would do with the quarter mil, in the slim chance that I actually win it.

Buy a Ferrari.


Broad strokes.


- Hire a team of counselors.  Not based on the letters after their name, but their story, energy, unique selves, gifts.  They will run live groups online on the hour, eating disorders, dating, relationships, addictions, as well as give individual sessions using all platforms so anyone around the world will be able to get therapy / advice / support.  All they would need is a computer and a webcam.  Actually, all they would need is a cell phone.  My team will NOT be allowed to wear dress shirts and ties, or shiny shoes.  They will come as they are, in their truest form.


- Treehouse.  An online therapeutic community where you rebuild yourself through others.  Combining a model that dates back to the 1800s with the internet (new media).  It will be the biggest therapeutic community in the world, cleaning up what and eHarmony can’t fix.  There will be an internal sponsorship program and growth tracking software I don’t have time to explain.  And of course, therapeutic apps, ebooks, webinars, and videos.  All phone friendly.  Anyone can have support in their pocket.  And it will be cheaper than your internet bill.


- Find a warehouse space and reinvent the “treatment center”.  Not hidden but on a high foot traffic street like Melrose.  There will be a CrossFit box, coffee shop, and walk in therapy.  The entrance will be a roll up garage with giant community tables.  On one of those tables, a Korean BBQ.   We will incorporate CrossFit in treatment to fight sobriety and encourage transformation / rebirth.  And also to build community.  Parked outside, The Angry Therapist Van and a fleet of motorcycles that come to you if you don’t or can’t come to us.  Therapy on wheels.  This van will also visit schools as my team executes relationship / drug prevention / sex ed / seminars for teens and college kids.  We will also run an after school program and create a foundation that goes toward treatment for people who can’t afford it.

All this for 250,000?

I’ve already laid the ground work and proven the method.  

I believe I can execute this plan with this grant, and depending on the success, the ripples it sends, I believe therapy can finally get a facelift.

- Angry 

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